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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  June 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> i can drown a drink of water and kill a dead tree, wait until you see mohammed ali. >> and saw him we d muhammad ali the greatest boxer whoever lived captivated the world with his amazing skill, his outstanding personality and unyielding commitment to civil rights and tonight the legend rests. ali has passed away at the age of 74. good evening everyone, i'm
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natasha brown. ali died in an arizona hospital surrounded by his family, the clam was an artist between the ropes bringing speed and grace never before seen among heavy weight boxer boxers. no other fighter can touch his incredible legacy but it was actions outside of the sport that would truly come to define his life. tonight we're remembering an american original and we begin with cbs correspondent kenneth craig. >> a steady stream of fans left cards and flowers outside the muhammad ali center in louisville, kentucky. a spokesperson for muhammad ali's family says he died friday night in phoenix after suffering from respiratory problems. the icon had battled parkinson's disease for decades. jimmy isaac fought back tears as he remembered the boxing legend who meant so much to so many. >> with all the violence and all the killings and everything muhammad ali doesn't want all that. he wants us all to love each other. >> reporter: ali's death also served as a history lesson for this young fan.
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>> he can achieve anything that he wants to achieve and, you know, if he feel strongly about anything take a stand and stand firm like aliism tomorrow ali's remains will be broader back here to his hometown where people have been coming to pay their respects before his funeral next friday. >> that's why i say i'm the greatest. >> reporter: ali wasn't known for his humility. he was beloved around the world and with in a "60 minutes" interview with ed bradley his wife described his connection with this fans. >> we have asked muhammad, actually the officiant if we can get a stamp or a machine that would do his autograph but he refuses. he insists on doing everyone himself. >> reporter: on saturday, the mayor of louisville ordered the flag outside city hall to be lowered to half-staff to honor the hometown hero. kenneth craig, cbs news louisville, kentucky.
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>> muhammad ali even stands out along the hundreds of celebrities along the hollywood walk of fame where fans are paying tribute to the icon. ali's star is the only one that hangs on a wall rather than embedded in the ground with the others. in 2002, ali said he bears the name of prophet muhammad and he won't allow people to trample over his name. now, ali's daughter released a statement on her father's passing reading in part "our hearts are literally hurting but we are so happy daddy is free now. we all tried to stay strong and whispered in his ear, you can go now. we will be okay. we love you. thank you. you can go back to god ." reaction, it is pouring in from all around the boxing world tonight right down to fighters who lived in this area. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh visited a gym in west philadelphia. >> reporter: it seems the whole world knew his name. >> who's the greatest. >> reporter: a fighter in every sense of the word. >> that might be our latest
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gentleman. >> reporter: he jabbed for titles and championed for civil rights. >> he wasn't just a great fighter. he stood up in africa and everywhere for black people and, um, he was our hero. >> he's not an athlete, he's a part of american history. he's the civil rights movement basically. >> reporter: now boxes across the delaware valley are mourning the greatest of all time. >> he felt like a god himself. he said god gave him parkinson's to let him know he's only human. >> reporter: the impact he made earned him honor honor including the liberty medal at the national constitution center in philadelphia t his one-two punch made him a champion not only inside the ring butter outside of it. he was a humanitarian and goodwill ambassador donating millions of dollars to charity. much of that was inspired by his conversion to the islam
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faith which led him to change his name from cassius clay to muhammad ali. >> everybody want to be like muhammad ali. at the time i did anyway. >> reporter: it's the name the world knew then. when these -- one these boxers say the world now will never forget. >> muhammad was an icon in boxing and also in history. >> reporter: reporting in west philadelphia -- >> i took on the world. anita oh, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, ali's personality was so magnetic that even his rivals in the ring couldn't resist his charm. george foreman spoke earlier today about how much he loved his former foe. >> after you get out of the ring with him and look at him, everybody falls in love with him. you can't help it. he was one loveable good looking great guy and you wanted to be around him. >> foreman and ali famously squared off in 1974 in
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yeah. ly one of ali's foes turned long time friend was the lehigh valley's larry holmes the greatest and the easton assassin squared off also in a memorable championship bout. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff talked to holmes and local boxers about ali's life and legacy. >> (bells tolling). >> reporter: a final 10 counter marked what seems to be the conclusion of one grand and glorious fight. except it's really only beginning for those who have learned what it means to be great. >> definitely a lot of practice and a lot of hard work. >> reporter: by pure quinn dense an annual community day was held at the gym on spring garden street where the legacy of muhammad ali was celebrate celebrated. >> just not only in boxing just life period. >> the fight was won before you got in there because he
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intimidated a lot of people. >> reporter: only five men ever managed to defeat muhammad ali, one of them being philadelphia resident joe frazier. another larry holmes who we traveled to meet. >> the first time he called me every name in the book and i -- then i figured out he trying to get to me. >> reporter: but he could not. on october 2nd, 1980, holmes defeated ali after 10 dominating rounds. >> as a man, i said i love you anyway, man. he said you love me why you beat me up then, you know, and he was still cracking jokes. >> reporter: holmes says that while he was in the ring he was concerned about hurting his friend and pled with ali to call it quits. though holmes won that night on this date loss is all his. >> it's a sad damn day. >> reporter: yeah, yeah. >> sad damn day. >> reporter: back at the gym, the good fight continues under the watchful eye of muhammad ali. alexandria hoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news."
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>> wow. such a lasting legacy. >> for sure. >> it's funny, all these guys are so competitive but they just respect each other so much. >> absolutely. >> muhammad ali a legend not just in sport but in life and the boxing world, yes, he was the self proclaimed greatest spending his entire career living up to that billing. he could float like a butterfly and sting like a bee but it was his influence outside the ring his words, his actions that made him the greatest of all times. bernard hospital and skins said you didn't always agree with him but had you to respect him because yes, he was a cut above all the rest. >> he was the face of the sport. i think what ray robinson did for the sport, what joe frazier did for the sport, everybody contribute to the sport but what he did get the sport recognized, that's what i can tell you. what alley did for the sport is what he doing right now even when he passed away, talking about it. >> no one did more for the
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sport than muhammad ali. more reaction from the sports world coming up in sports. >> yeah, he was well respected and bigger than life ultimately. >> absolutely. >> lesley thank you so much. we appreciate that. also president obama tweeted a tribute to ali today including an image of himself sitting beneath a picture of the 74-year-old. "he shook up the world and the world's better for it. rest in peace, champ ." former president bill clinton will deliver a eulogy for ali at a service on friday in louisville along with brian gumbel and billy crystal. >> the time he died who was as a person was grade than this legends which should be all of our goal in life. he would want to be -- you want to be better than your publicity. >> of course stay with "eyewitness news" as we continue to remember muhammad ali. well, we'll have more on the 74-year-old's life and legacy later on in the show including a look at part of ali's life
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right here in our area. as "eyewitness news" continues tonight, we're tracking some severe weather. lauren. >> yeah, we're enjoying some sunshine right now but tomorrow strong and severe thunderstorms will be moving through the delaware valley and i'll have the latest on what to expect in your forecast coming up. >> and a celebration decades in the making. the honor this world war ii hero finally received today after risking his life to serve our country. and a woman in south jersey makes history. what she accomplished that no other woman in wildwood has ever done before. stay with us. >> ♪
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>> welcome back. flames rip through a house in bethel township delaware county this morning. these are iwitness cam photos from the 1600 block of hans lane. a vehicle caught fire inside the garage and quickly spread throughout the rest of the house. luckily no one was injured. neighbors say firefighters rescued two cats from the flames. wildwood new jersey swears in the first woman on the city's fighting force. firefighter christina sacco took her oath of office on wednesday. her badge was pinned to her uniform by her father wildwood fire captain aldo sacco. beyoncé supporting music programs in the philadelphia school district before her big concert at lincoln financial
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field dozens of volunteers created music themed literacy kits and painted pianos for local elementary school students today. "eyewitness news" in south philadelphia. the united way partnered with beyoncé's bey good initiative to bring attention to the connection between learning and music. >> ♪ (applause). >> and "eyewitness news" at a surprise graduation party for 89-year-old charles newman in southampton bucks county. today the world war ii veteran finally received his high school diploma. newman dropped out of roman catholic high school to join the navy. he never received his diploma and always regretted it. the twilight wish foundation made today's graduation possible. that's awesome. philly's wizard world comicon is in full swing this week. check out the costumes. they are quite elaborate. many folks dressed up as their favorite super heroes at the pennsylvania convention center today. this is the convention's 16th trip to philly.
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fans are meeting the actors and artists behind their favorite sci-fi shows and superhero movies. wizard world comicon ends tomorrow and lauren i was out there today. are you surprised. i didn't have my costume. i so felt -- i was out of place. >> what would your costume be. >> wonder woman probably. i got a fling for wonder woman. >> that's a good choice for you. >> forgot my bracelets. >> i like it. >> are we going have to be wonder woman to get through these storms tomorrow. >> yeah and we have a big concert tomorrow of course, beyoncé. the timing is going to be a little tricky with that so keep that in mind if you're heading out to the show. the time frame for potentially the strongest weather will be tomorrow evening. right now we're just dealing with sunshine and warm temperatures. 82 degrees in philly right now, 83 in allentown. a bit cooler down the shore but very pleasant temperatures in the low to mid 70's with that sea breeze going on. dewpoints, they are elevated up into the mid to upper 60's so we have that sticky factor with that moisture present at the surface and that is
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creating a little bit of a feels-like temperature right now in philadelphia getting a live look, though, some blue sky in there, friendly looking white puffy clouds, 82 degrees feeling more like 84 degrees with those elevated dewpoints but we have more cloud cover. as we take a peek at our neighborhood network in kutztown cloud cover moving in. temperature at 78 degrees and that's because we do have some showers strolling through especially west of the city right now, kind of trail of showers with a little thunderstorm up wind. most of the activity across parts of lancaster county right now but a few rogue showers up towards berks county, the lehigh valley and the poconos. as we pan out, though, on storm scan this evening much more moisture down to our south and west with a strong cold front that's going to sweep all of that moisture our way as we head into the night tonight and mainly through the day tomorrow. so, we will have a mainly dry evening i think in the city and points south and east with some scattered showers and thunderstorms developing late tonight a very mild low at 68 degrees so the ac will still be running. tomorrow humid with
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thunderstorms in the forecast both in the morning and in the afternoon but we'll see most of the activity tomorrow evening, a high temperature at 83 degrees. storm prediction center does have us in an enhanced risk. now, this is for the entire delaware valley including the city of philadelphia. and that's the third tier on the risk category, so it's something we're going to have to pay attention to as we head into the day tomorrow. tomorrow morning showers around maybe some thunder. more in the way of strong storms tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening we'll likely see a line of thunderstorms moving through some of which could be strong and potentially severe. always a threat concern. heavy rain is high. damaging winds high. lightning pretty moderate as well as that some hail and we'll have to watch out for the pocket 18th of an isolated tornado and i think that threat is high south of the city. as we head into tonight shower and storm activity mainly concentrated north and west of philadelphia, could see some scattered showers an few thunderstorms rolling through late tonight and through the first part of the day tomorrow. notice the activity starting to flare up a little more as
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we head into the afternoon hours tomorrow as we get that heating of the day and then as the cold front makes an approach late afternoon evening hours tomorrow we're going to see that line of thunderstorms cruising on through with some embedded strong and potentially severe thunderstorms in this line it continues to race east as we head into the evening hours but then i think by late evening, midnight, we will be in the clear but tomorrow evening is that time frame to keep yourself weather aware. future rainfall amounts could be a doozie with downpours embedded in those thunderstorms. could pick up well over 2-inches locally in some spots with some of the heavy rain expected with these thunderstorms tomorrow. once that clears out we get a nice treat on the backside, turning sunny on monday, still warm, 83 degrees but humidity starts to drop off. just a few showers on tuesday and then check out wednesday, thursday and friday. a nice treat there. low humidity values as far as june standards are concerned. temperatures in the mid to upper 70's with a nice round of sunshine. >> wow. >> just have to get through tomorrow and then we get a nice treat after.
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>> one little hurdle. >> yes. >> thank you so much. appreciate that. still so many tributes pouring in and the sports world still reeling. >> exactly as you might imagine, all those tributes have been pouring in from the sports world following the death of muhammad ali. scotty pippen tweeted we may never again see an american hero quite like muhammad ali. rip to the greatest champion of all. baseball hall of famer hank aaron tweeted we've lost a giant in muhammad ali. he did things his own way and i'm so appreciative to have known him for so long. god rest his soul. to baseball phillies taking on the brewers this afternoon down at the bank. fightans offense came to life last night scoring six runs to end seven game losing streak. we'll pick up the action in the second inning. phillies down one to nothing. tom joseph has continued to impress here. this is a solo homer to center field and we are tied. later on in the inning we have one on for cesar hernandez. second baseman showing some power with a two run homer,
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his first in over a year and the fightans take a three to one lead. then in the eighth game is tied a solo shot to left and right now the phillies trail milwaukee four to three in the ninth inning. eagles are off this week. they are back at the novacare complex to start a mandatory mini camp on tuesday. question is will running back darren sproles be there. he has not been there for the ota's. with demarco murray traded to tennessee the eagles will look to brian matthews to carry the load. last year he shared time with sproles. he likes the new offense that doug pederson has installed. >> i think that's what i ran in college and, you know, at the charter school so like i said it's been fun. just trying learn it again and be able to go out there and run the plays. >> we're getting closer and closers ladies. >> i can't wait. thank you very much.
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appreciate that. when we come back, a piece of muhammad ali's life in south jersey that's now up for
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ings. >> we continue to remember the legendary muhammad ali tonight. he lived in this cherry hill camden county home for several years. in the early 1970's. the home is now up for sale for about $700,000. the custom built tuscan inspired villa has five bedrooms four and a half baths. there's also a pool and a tennis court. ve
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as an educator, it's all about connections. you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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>> well a video is getting millions of views on facebook. it's a little girl's emotional reaction to getting a new doll. her mother recorded the girl as she opened her gift. let's take a look. >> you -- you got -- it's got a leg like me. >> oh. 10-year-old emma bennett was born with a birth defect and has worn a prosthetic limb most of her life. her parents say she's always wanted a doll that looked just like her so they bought an american girl doll and had it modified with a prosthetic limb just like little emma's
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that's so emotional. >> it's sweet. >> her little sister is crying, too. >> that's so nice. >> great video there. one last check of the forecast. >> yeah, tomorrow watching out for the potential of severe weather. the entire delaware valley in an enhanced risk of severe weather. scattered storm activity through tomorrow and time frame of most concern will be late tomorrow afternoon and into the evening hours and of course i'll have the latest for you. >> all right. thank you so much lauren we appreciate that. and thank you for joining us. i'm natasha brown, for lesley lauren all of us here, remember we're always on for you tonight at 9 o'clock on cbs3 there will be a live 48 hour special to remember muhammad ali. we'll see you at 10 o'clock on the cw philly and back here at 11:00. have a great night, everyone. >> ♪
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captioning sponsored by cbs displi tonight, the life and legacy of muhammad ali. tributes pouring in for the boxing legend. and political activist who died at the age of 74. we look back at ali's historic fights in the ring, his inspiring battles out of it, and his unforgettable personality. >> i'm so bad, i make medicine sick. >> ninan: also tonight, an update on the fort hood soldiers killed in the devastating texas floods. and we'll show you how the u.s. military is fighting isis at sea. >> this aircraft carrier had been in the persian gulf. it was brought up through the suez canal, and repositioned here in the eastern mediterranean sea. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs weekend news."


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